Sunday, February 22, 2009

Clarification on Open Drunkeness

Normally I don't do this: make a new post based on a couple of comments from my last post....but I believe I have been a little fuzzy in what I was trying to say.

I know I wasn't drunk/wasted/obliterated etc. Haha!
I know what it is to blather on to people when you're sloshed.
I know that 2 glasses of wine = a healthy hearty dose of tipsy.

I think I came across as kind of a newbie to alcohol or something LOL and that definitely isn't the case at all!
I was trying to be sarcastic because my good buddy zip bag of bones has been trying to goad me by telling me I'm drunk when I'm not which I'm only guessing is supposed to be some kind of joke or insult that my every day thinking and style of talking is kind of whacked out/loopy/crazy/dingy/god who knows what that girl is thinking anyway. She better be damned excited that she not only got one but TWO posts about her little messages to me because, whether she knows it or not, she obviously has some kind of effect on me OR I just care too much about what she has to say.

Besides, it's obvious I wasn't totally drunk otherwise I wouldn't have even recognized that I was doing those silly tipsy things like calling everyone on my list and shooting the breeze.
If I was that drunk I wouldn't have been blogging OR if I was, I wouldn't have checked my spelling or fixed my numerous typos from typing too fast and never correcting my keyboard/typewriter fingering when I first learned.

Now, if you don't mind, I shall go back to my morning tea.

English Breakfast Tea.


  1. I know you were shit faces drunk when you offered to make me Brownies. Why in the hell would anyone sober think of such a thing? :) LOL

  2. I think you're drunk right now.
    Lord knows I am.

  3. I THINK you guys don't know what you are talking about. So PLPLBTPLBTPLBT And for the record, I AM the sort of person to offer to send brownies to total strangers while sober so shut yer pie hole!

  4. I prefer Irish breakfast tea. ;)

  5. Like for real Irish Breakfast tea or do you mean tea with Irish? LOL