Sunday, February 15, 2009

COMING SOON - Spatially Aware Toy Blocks?!?!? AWESOME!!!

This has to be the COOLEST THING in technology involving how we humans interact with digital media that I've ever seen.

I totally want some for me and my kids. The ideas using this kind of technology are endless!

Just watch....this is the future people. It is upon us.


  1. This video was incredibly interesting. Thanks for sharing! It is amazing to think about how quickly technology is evolving. Seriously, the internet was the "latest thing" when I was in highschool and college and now we are looking at something as innovative as this. Wow!

    I left a bit of link love on our blog for you today. If you are interested, check it out. You'll just have to figure out which link is yours, which hopefully should not be too hard!


  2. Check this out: