Saturday, February 21, 2009


Tonight I had some wine. The effects are teetering off now so I'm not feeling as giddy or self-righteous or nostalgic anymore.....BUT.....I am feeling the chill in the basement air where I am sitting and I am READY to say publicly that I got tipsy tonight.

Now there is a certain SOMEONE who has been playfully insisting that I am drunk whenever I leave her internet messages....but they are all LIES. TOTAL. LIES.
You hear me!?!?!

I am naturally carefree and whimsical and silly and many other things that most people have to swill liquid courage in order to do. Not my fault.

So I am setting the record straight!
I was drunk tonight! Listening to blues on the radio. Well, almost drunk anyway, I wasn't smashed or anything after 2 glasses of wine.....but still. And I called like 10 people on my cell phone. At first I only called people who were musicians that I knew because the blues inspired me to start singing again. Then I started calling people from my past and started going down memory lane with the ones that actually answered their phone. I got a few numbers that didn't work anymore or belonged to someone new and did some updates. It was really good to catch up with old friends though. People I didn't know were really friends because it had been so long. I need to remember to warm up those old tin can and strings sometimes. It's a cold winter. We could all use some warmth.

Oh shutup, Cat! You old shit-talker you!
I'm on to you! I can smell your sarcasm from...wait I gotta pull up Google maps....from 5 states away! Or 3 states and 2 Great Lakes if you take the north route.....but yeah! THE JIG IS UP!


  1. I don't think this really qualifies as being drunk unless you were slurring when you were making calls on your cell phone and you don't remember anything that happened.

    Clearly, this was not the case.

    Are you sure that you had too much wine? Maybe this was really just "tipsy."


  2. No, dear.. Truly smashed involves one of two things.. Crying and telling everyone how much you love them.. OR.. Taking you clothes off in public.. (Either of these will be followed by puking.) :):)
    Otherwise, you merely had a good time!! :):):)