Sunday, March 11, 2007

Celebrity Look-alikes....I guess.

Too much sugar, not enough breasts.

I was talking to my friend, Blair on AIM.
I told her what her "grossly oversimplified" sexual preference horoscope was out of this month's Playboy magazine was. Then I told her what mine was:

Cancer: She's all about her breasts; neglect them at your peril.

So true.

But then she had to go take a bath. So I waited a minute and wrote her a dummy message so I could see what she put as her away messages. My shower message is fun, angry gnome's is funny, so I thought I'd find out how Blair lets the world know she is in the water closet.

me: muhaha

Auto response from blair: sugar water shower.

me: I just wanted to see what your away message said
me: and I find it amusing that even something clean and pure like a shower which is made from clean and pure water has been turned into another one of your sweet treats (cupcakes, cookies, that smelly lotion of yours, etc). you crazy, muffin.
me: just talking to you makes me want a glass of milk
me: lol

And there you have it.

In other news today, I am going to Texas on Tuesday with Marilyn to see my family.
Should be fun once we are there. I don't know about the actual flight.
We'll see. Hopefully she will just sleep.
Yeah right.