Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Top 10 Favorite Alcoholic Beverages

If you MUST know my alcoholic preferences, here are my top 10 many mood-dependent favorites:

1. Brandy Alexander (cold nights, sweet tooth, or in the mood for creamy beverage - sometimes I'll accept a brandy & coke if there are no other mixers just to get the warming sensation of brandy with a good mellow buzz)

2. Frangelico & Baileys w/cream on the rocks (when I'm not in the mood to get wasted and want something tasty)

3. Don Julio or Herradura (añejo) Margarita on the rocks - no salt (when I wanna get crazy and a gooood buzz - this usually leads to dancing and flirting unless I'm in a bad mood, then I talk shit like I'm bulletproof after 3 or 4)

4. Piña Colada with Parrot Bay coconut rum (I'm allergic to Malibu for some reason  - this drink is for when I want to chill out with family or friends at a restaraunt usually or on vacation)

5. Jack & coke w/lemon (to get fucked up, of course - this is my bad girl drink)

6. Red Bull & Kettle One Vodka (Stoli will do) w/splash of ginger ale or sprite (to get wasted AND stay up late)

7. Pinot Grigio white wine spritzer (for drinking on hot summer days outdoors, which isn't very often - I just discovered this drink actually)

8. Red wine (usually Merlot or Shiraz - for when I'm having red meat, italian food, staying home to watch a movie or when I want sex)

9. I don't do shots really anymore,  but if you make me, I'll choose a shot of Jack or a Lemon Drop

10. Mojito (for when I'm feeling exotic or in the mood for some minty freshness) - oh yeah that limey, sugary minty drink is sooooooo yummy....I haven't had one in a while. Not many places have the right ingredients to make it properly.

But since I'm pregnant - I can't really enjoy any of these for a while....le sigh.

In other news.....look at this!!! lol
what will they think of next!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Marilyn vs. Teletubbies

Marilyn is watching Teletubbies for the first time today.

It seems that whenever the baby sun comes on and starts making laughing screamy-baby coos, Marilyn gets pissed and starts screaming back. It is quite possible that the baby sun is a smart-ass jerk and we adults just didn't know it.





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