Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Canary in a Bong Room

Well, so the new news around my normally mundane existence as a housewife is that I performed backup vocals on Saturday night for the band known as Bong Hits for Jesus. I must say the songwriting is good stuff - they have just enough hook in the songs and good fun melodies mostly in their original stuff - and the covers they do are pretty good too. It's refreshing to hear a male vocalist in a local band that can actually sing! Bass lines are fun and definately not boring, although there were a few glitches during this show, but that is totalyl excusable considering he was not only sick but about to travel to Bankok in less than 5 hours after the show.

I had a good time, a couple of friends showed up for me and that made me very happy. I was afraid I'd be sitting there by myself with my red bull and vodka. I had never been to O'Malley's before in South Jersey, but the bar was pretty nice and the food was good. Some dude bought my dinner lol and then him and his friend left after they found out I was married. C'est la vie! I told him he didn't have to buy it for me just cuz I was with the band (yeah for like 2 songs) but he told me just to say "thank you" and to shutup about it already....lol

Anyway, the set went very well. I always saw myself as lead singer in a band, but none of the bands I ever joined with ever played anything live - which is totally all I really like to do. But I must admit, even though it was only backup vocals for 2 songs, I still got strangers approaching me to shower me with compliments and the band was appreciative and I was happy just to have finally been on stage performing to a crowd with a real band - not just singing at shitty karaoke bars with drunk tone-def miscreants. The only bad thing I can say about being a backup singer besides obvious ego issues is that you don't necessarily get paid....lol. Unless you count a free drink!

Picture: O'Malley's - superfast bartender that just wouldn't take my drink order all fucking night.

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