Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Top 10 Favorite Alcoholic Beverages

If you MUST know my alcoholic preferences, here are my top 10 many mood-dependent favorites:

1. Brandy Alexander (cold nights, sweet tooth, or in the mood for creamy beverage - sometimes I'll accept a brandy & coke if there are no other mixers just to get the warming sensation of brandy with a good mellow buzz)

2. Frangelico & Baileys w/cream on the rocks (when I'm not in the mood to get wasted and want something tasty)

3. Don Julio or Herradura (añejo) Margarita on the rocks - no salt (when I wanna get crazy and a gooood buzz - this usually leads to dancing and flirting unless I'm in a bad mood, then I talk shit like I'm bulletproof after 3 or 4)

4. Piña Colada with Parrot Bay coconut rum (I'm allergic to Malibu for some reason  - this drink is for when I want to chill out with family or friends at a restaraunt usually or on vacation)

5. Jack & coke w/lemon (to get fucked up, of course - this is my bad girl drink)

6. Red Bull & Kettle One Vodka (Stoli will do) w/splash of ginger ale or sprite (to get wasted AND stay up late)

7. Pinot Grigio white wine spritzer (for drinking on hot summer days outdoors, which isn't very often - I just discovered this drink actually)

8. Red wine (usually Merlot or Shiraz - for when I'm having red meat, italian food, staying home to watch a movie or when I want sex)

9. I don't do shots really anymore,  but if you make me, I'll choose a shot of Jack or a Lemon Drop

10. Mojito (for when I'm feeling exotic or in the mood for some minty freshness) - oh yeah that limey, sugary minty drink is sooooooo yummy....I haven't had one in a while. Not many places have the right ingredients to make it properly.

But since I'm pregnant - I can't really enjoy any of these for a while....le sigh.

In other news.....look at this!!! lol
what will they think of next!

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