Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Not the Father


So my poor husband never gets a break from endless bullshit.
I remember when we moved back to PA just at the beginning of this year he wasn't allowed to get his PA drivers license because he had some 10 year old ticket in SC from a trip with his ex that he PAID but didn't pay the "privelege fee" to have it reinstated. Cost? $50 bucks to SC. So stupid.

That's just one example of his past haunting him.

Today we find out his insurance won't accept his son's (from his ex) birth certificate because his parents' names aren't on it. SO what happened? The hospital must have messed up big time because nobody signed a paternity/maternity form or whatever and so now there is all this rigamarole about how the state doesn't recognize him as the father which means he probably won't be able to cover him under his insurance if this doesn't get straightened out in 9 days. It takes 6 weeks just to process a paternity form and get a birth certificate issued, and that's AFTER he signs the form, gets the mother to sign something too AND have it notorized....ugh. So I find this hospital "family history" certificate with his name on it and who knows if that will be good for anything, expediting or whatever.

My husband has the worst luck with bullshit from that time period with his ex.
Good thing they aren't together anymore. She sounds like bad juju to me!

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  1. nice use of the word 'rigamarole.'
    i'm glad things are better!

    my birth certificate was under my korean name until i was in 10th grade, so as of 1997, I didn't exist to the government. Pretty sweet!

    anyways, i finally got a replacement phone. 3rd phone this year. see you on the boat?