Wednesday, May 13, 2009

7 Celebrites I Find Sexually Appealing And Repulsive At The Same Time

You know you do it too.
Sometimes your brain tells you you shouldn't find a certain someone attractive for various reasons: kind of ugly, really dorky, weak, douchebagginess, bad skin, a little too old for you, or you just plain don't want your kids to look like that person because they have beady eyes or something. Your mind is trying to prevent you from making a mistake so as not to have offspring with this person, possibly passing down undesirable traits. Yet somehow, your ancient instincts tell you these supposed miscreants still have a quality or trait about them that is more desirable than saving the next generation from "defects," as it were.

A dilemma for sure, but the fact remains; you still want to bang them.

Here are my reasons why I think condoms were invented:

1. David Spade

2. Tommy Lee Jones

3. Jeremy Irons

4. Benicio del Toro

5. Jeff Goldblum

6. Rob Morrow

7. Gordon Ramsay (many women find him attractive, but I think it's the aggressive masculinity)


  1. Are you kidding? Benicio del Toro is totally hot!

  2. I told you the list was hard! I could see how someone wouldn't think he was attractive though, so that's why I put him up there.