Monday, January 29, 2007

Statikradio: The Phoenix

Well, how about that, eh?
I have neglected it for over a year now.

This year of 2007, the great phoenix shall rise again, and I am not referring to any Harry Potter books. It would seem that a secret number of lurkers actually miss my rants and to be honest, and more importantly, I miss them too.

Guess what people.
I am married.
I have a daughter.
She is screaming at me now, actually.
She wants all of my attention but at the moment I am giving myself some.
You guys don't actually count as getting my attention because it's not like you are reading as I type.

But I digress.
I am back.
Statikradio is back.
My blog is not the same, but it is back. email addresses are NOT back because I don't feel like paying for other people's email addresses anymore - especially when those people don't even email ME to say hello. :P

The Phoenix, out.

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