Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Suspended Desire

Many times I have written a song, a piece of short fiction, painted a picture, had a daydream and let it loose into the air. Most of these occurances have been about what I like to call "Suspended Desire."

I've written about it in my old blog before and left everyone hanging as to what I meant by it.

Somehow whenever I want to write about it in detail, something comes up and I have to get back to it later, or at least promise to do so. I would rather break a promise to explain this hazy place than to write about it hastily because my knowledge of it is so immense and so personal and so emotionally charged that it would not do it justice to give it my full attention.

It has happened again, though.
There is a distration coming from the other room.
My daughter is awake and whining for me, and this dreamy place I want so badly to talk about must again keep waiting in the mist.

But I will come back for it, I will explain it....
I promise.

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