Thursday, August 16, 2007

Secret Lover

It is dark in here.
Dark in this room. Dark outside.
Dark in my head.

There isn't much to see, really, but the wind....
Oh how the wind is teasing me, flirting with me,
oh so dangerously

I stare out the window for a moment
I stop and ignore what dances outside
The wind calls to me, insists on my attention,
The leaves have no choice but to rustle my name
The wind says so, and so it must be
But I pretend to ignore it still

And then it happens.
He comes in my open window
He caresses my face and slides over my shoulder
My arm prickles with delight at his slightest touch
So I look....and he is gone again

You have my attention now
And you have faded away
I listen for your sound
But even the trees do not betray you

At least not for long
I hear them give you away again
But you do not come to my window
I let out a sigh
I knew you would do this to me
I tried to ignore you but..... sly blew me a kiss.......

You can be so gentle, so sensual
Like a lover's breath exploring each curve
Thank you for being such a gentleman tonight
As I sit and type
And trail off to bed with a knowing smile upon my face

(Yes I just wrote that off the top of my head - I know, I'm so good)

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