Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I Want to Go to Japan

Translation of the kitchen scene @ 5:15:

Kitchen staffer with glasses: “What’s this? There’s a camera going around.”

Other lady off camera: “What’s wrong?”

3rd lady: (LAUGHING) “Hey- it’s okay, it’s on a blue plate!”

Lady off camera: “The customer’s inside? Whose is this?”

Lady holding plate: “There’s a camera here someone may have forgotten!”

Lady in glasses: “Yeah, that’s it, they’ve forgotten it.”

Older lady in background: “Put it back- it’s a mistake!”

Lady: (WALKING WITH PLATE) “We’re in trouble.”

She rings the bell, and the sushi chefs come to the window.

Lady: “This was going around and taking video…”

Chef: “Ah, this, it’s probably a customer’s. Umm, it’s a foreigner.”

Lady: “They put it on here?”

Chef: “Yeah, they tried putting it out, to take a video. Of the, er, of the scenery.”

Plate goes round, back to girls.

Sushi Chef: (TO GIRLS) “Oh, it came back, didn’t it?

(taken from April Winchell's blog


  1. Clearly I need to watch this video with speakers, because that makes no sense at all right now. Will return later!