Saturday, March 14, 2009

What do YOU Watch When Watching the Watchmen?

Coversation with my friend, the Angry Gnome:

ter1byte: we went to see the Watchmen last night
AnGry gn0mE: how did you like it
ter1byte: it was pretty good
ter1byte: some of the sex stuff was like jeez ok already
ter1byte: lol
AnGry gn0mE: haha yea that was overkill
ter1byte: got a little slow at the end
ter1byte: I was annoyed there were some juvenile dudes behind us that got all pissy and verbally uncomfortable everytime they saw the blue penis
AnGry gn0mE: they went ahead and elaborated on that nonsense
AnGry gn0mE: LOL
AnGry gn0mE: so much blue weenie!
AnGry gn0mE: i think they showed even more blue weenie than the book
AnGry gn0mE: the movie had its flaws, i wasnt all that happy about how they changed the ending, but overall i loved it
ter1byte: I was like get over it
ter1byte: they've had boobs and crotches of women for YEARS and it's like oh finally they get some dick up there and it's the end of the world - give me a break - it's about time they put up some eye candy for the ladies.
AnGry gn0mE: hahaha
AnGry gn0mE: and its not even a real weiner
ter1byte: oh no?
AnGry gn0mE: men are dumb
ter1byte: wtf
AnGry gn0mE: nah its a model they used
ter1byte: they were like high schoolers I think
ter1byte: a model penis?
ter1byte: jeez
AnGry gn0mE: yep
ter1byte: well it was a nice model penis
ter1byte: I would have liked to have seen it harder
ter1byte: lol
AnGry gn0mE: actually i think the cock was CGI
AnGry gn0mE: haha
ter1byte: he must really have been depressed
ter1byte: imagine being that person that animated that thing
AnGry gn0mE: lolol
ter1byte: lol - you can totally write MADE A DICK on your resume
ter1byte: was a pretty good story though
AnGry gn0mE: hahaha made a dick
ter1byte: loved the part where inkface said "I'm not stuck in here with you, you're stuck in here with ME" - total badassery

Same topic, different person (ChurchPunkMom)

ter1byte: I just watched Zoolander for the first time like right now
ter1byte: it wasn't even a real penis!
ajnkjsmom: no, it wasn't
ajnkjsmom: but zohan is hilarious
ter1byte: heh
ajnkjsmom: it seems the only movies they put any dick in is comedy.. and it's generally just outrageous
ajnkjsmom: semi-pro was another one
ter1byte: yeah
ter1byte: it was nice to see some serious dick
ajnkjsmom: and harold and kumar 2
ter1byte: hahaha
ajnkjsmom: lol.. serious dick
ter1byte: :-D
ter1byte: do you want me to change your AIM name - I'm putting up part of this conversation
ter1byte: on blog
ter1byte: I don't even care anymore
ajnkjsmom: nah.. go for it ;-)
ter1byte: ok
ajnkjsmom: i talk about boobs enough.. people may as well know i talk about penis too, so they don't think i'm a esbo
ajnkjsmom: lesbo
ajnkjsmom: dang.. can't type
ter1byte: ha
ter1byte: you are totally bi
ajnkjsmom: LOL
ter1byte: ok I put up my blog
ajnkjsmom: you wish ;-)
ter1byte: no YOU wish
ter1byte: that's how I know you're bi
ter1byte: because only bi women like me
ter1byte: lol
ajnkjsmom: LOL


  1. That was hilarious! Makes me wanna go and rent those movies with dick in them! Dont forget Forgetting Sarah Marshall You see him naked ful frontal in the begining and the end. Kind of impressive... : )

  2. I've always wondered about CPM.

  3. i may go against nature and watch this just to see the blue dick.

    ps - i havent forsaken you, just busy moping over here - hope all is well

  4. Hey, Teri.. takes one to know one. ;)