Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Facebook is the Usurper of Time (and probably your soul)

Facebook has been consuming my mornings.
 It's awful.

  • My coffee gets cold.
  • I get nothing productive done.
  • I even spend my time doing fun things and thinking about how I can paraphrase and write about it on Facebook later.
  • My personal pictures and daily quips are fueling the ad revenue for whoever the hell owns it now.

 This has to stop.

 I'm going back to blogging.
 I can say whatever I want and I can post whatever I want in a nice aesthetically appealing way.


 And anyone can check it out...
 And maybe I'll even put my own ads up so I can make money off of my own words and pictures and then I can afford a season pass to the amusement park of my choice for the summer!!!! YES!!!!

 That is if they don't fuck it all up with the Net Neutrality bullshit coming our way.

 And if you haven't heard about Net Neutrality or would like an entertaining yet informative breakdown on what that means for us, I'll let Jon Oliver tell you all about it.

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