Monday, January 04, 2010

Raisinettes Count As Fruit

Fruit Antioxidants plus chocolate therapy!
Now if only it was easier and just as cheap to get some chocolate covered raisins with less processed chocolate. I could google it but I'm lazy and already eating these so MEH.

I'm still suffering from what the central Texans in Hill Country refer to as "Cedar Fever" allergies. Whether those insufferable Juniper trees and their nasty pollens are the culprit, I am not scientifically sure, but what I do know is that I haven't ever sneezed this much with itchy eyes in my life and I grew up in Texas! It is said that you can develop an allergy to that stuff if you live around it for 20 years (which I have) and so it makes sense to me.

Either way....this fucking sucks!
I used the last of the Children's Claritin for myself (that's right! Kids come second this time, Mommy needs to be able to function!) but I'll get some more later today. Kids don't seem to really be suffering like me.

I'm all out of my Breakfast teas (both English AND Irish varieties!!! NOOOO!) so I'm trying this Carrington stuff that my friend brought over for a December Tacky Tea Party I held. That was cool, I even made an awesome spinach bacon and cheddar quiche with the crust from scratch! (Yes, awesome.)

I'm hopped up on vitamin B, C and calcium and all I have to say is I better get over this crap soon because my husband bought Blue Moon beers and I have yet to have one! I just can't drink alcohol if I'm "sick", it lowers my immunity. Booo.

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