Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beer Goggles

I had some beers tonight.
Some friends over.
It's getting late though now and I don't have much to say.
Beer Goggles are funny though.
Thank goodness I don't have to worry about having them on or not.
I guess that's what happens when you're married?
Nah....I'm sure if I went out, I could find myself fond of someone who need not be fawned over. :P

So of our friends was pretty drunk but I guess my goggles were on and I didn't even notice - I just thought he was being funny and cool - then lo and behold, he dribbled on himself. LOL
So, being a good mommy, I wiped his chin with his own shirt just like I do my kids.

Way to go beer goggles. Haha!
Too bad there isn't enough beer on the planet to make me feel good about a different obnoxiously drunk argumentative house guest that invited themselves over and is now staying the night. Bleh.

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