Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Making Lemonade

Just another friendly reminder that there is always the possibility to make lemonade out of lemons.

I'm having a bit of anxiety at the moment, I hope it goes away, but I suppose I can take this energy and put it to some good use.

I was watching a documentary on a Korean mask festival that takes place in Andong, South Korea and I realized one of my mainstay interests is that of the humanities, of travel, of various cultures.....I absolutely love learning about different customs, traditions, stories, human behavior.....anyway, so it got me to thinking about what I might take in school for my bachelors.

I know I've changed my mind SO many times on what I would take, what I'm interested in. Fine Arts, Culinary Arts, Music, Literature, and even Business just so that if I did end up doing crafts or some kind of arts, I could at least know how to make a lucrative business out of it.

Sure, I love to sing and am pretty good at it....but why haven't I pursued it with more gusto? I know once I get a goal, I totally go for what is it that I love? Well, I love fun! I love travel! I love the language of the masses, the core of human emotion, being in touch with other people even despite language barriers. That's why I love the arts: theater, music, visual arts, dance, all makes sense.

Sooooo.....I was thinking, perhaps I could get into Humanities....major in languages - how I would love to be able to go to other countries and know their native tongue! I'll have to look into that. And with my studies, perhaps I can get better at all the different crafts I like to do - and have a worldy inspiration for my creations and maybe create something new! (That totally rhymes). :)

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