Thursday, August 14, 2008

I swear it won't happen again....

I did a bad thing
I just ate about 3 servings of cake that I had in the fridge. uuuuuuhhhhhh
that is no way to lose weight or stay in shape!
I've been reading a dessert cookbook my grandmother got me though. And the cake recipes were making me crave it today. And lo there was a leftover slab of birthday cake from my dad's bday last week.
justification: someone should eat it before it goes bad....might as well be me.

2 minutes later......

Ugh. I should have had a bowl of cereal or something.
I don't' feel satisfied, just gross.
I'm making a face like one would make if they smelled fresh cat pee on a pile of hot cedar chips.

Oh wait, I burped....that's a LITTLE better.
Not really.
Nevermind, I'm tired and going to bed where I belong. haha

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