Monday, August 04, 2008

The Police: A Review from Philadelphia

So we saw The Police concert last Tuesday....WOW!
Sting has the most amazing voice. I am so privileged to have heard him live!
(I think he knows it all too well though). *snicker*

Sting totally loves to hear himself.
You can tell by all the extra "woooaaahhhs" and "eeeeyoooooos" that he generously added to all of his songs. Haha! Funny guy. But the crowd ate it up anyway.

Stuart Copeland was the freakin' man.
He's so good on the drums, his wife (does he have one?) must be jealous of the drum kits he touches. On a couple of the songs, he used this symbols, gongs, chimes and xylophone setup and it was freaking awesome. He makes the weirdest funny faces when he plays, but he's so good. As Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force would say, "He's so freakin' good!!!!"

Now....the 3rd member, Mr. guitar hero Andy Summers, was totally not living up to his band's superstar status. He made so many mistakes and his guitar virtuosos were horrid! They took you to another planet alright....Planet Crap Face! It was like watching Marty McFly playing the Under the Sea Enchantment dance in Back to the Future all over again! My husband thinks he was drunk.
Sting even at one point had to come over to him and say something to him (we think he said something like "WTF are you doing?" over his shoulder.) His only redeeming moment was when everyone left the stage after the 1st encore and came back and tried for 5 minutes to get the other guys to do a 2nd encore and harassing them by playing more obnoxious loud chords like an alarm clock. When he was doing rhythm, he was okay, but I'm thinking one of his strings wasn't tuned properly....oh well.

The night was fantastic!
We had Pizza Rustica and a few beers before hand.
Good times. <3

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