Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oktoberfest Not Available, Children Suffer

So Oktoberfest is not available at the beer distributor.
I am so disappointed.
I was totally looking forward to that delicious malty beer.
But no. I will have to settle for Spaten Weisse.
Oh the travesty.

Why does the beer I love so much only get made once a year!?
This unpleasant news puts me in an unpleasant mood.
Therefore the kids will suffer.
They will be forced to watch movies and listen to me furiously click clack on the keyboard in my blog, and myspace update, and twitter. Oh wait. They do that every day. :P

I am totally going to an Oktoberfest Festival this year.
I've been wanting to go. I missed it last year because I didn't realize it was held in September when I thought about going in October. Who knew?

Now I just have to wait for my huuuzzzband to get home with the beer and the roast beef samich from WaWa. C'mon honey! Hup to!

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  1. few things in life are as devastating as missing out on one's favorite beer...