Monday, September 01, 2008

Google Chrome: The New Browser

Google Chrome: A fresh take on a browser
Official Comic explaining how it works
Blog about the new Google Chrome

So yeah, Google's developing a new browser made from scratch and the beta is being released tomorrow (Tuesday).
I'm excited to try it out. It looks pretty cool.
Highlights include
** tabs at the top of the window for each session that you can move around
** separation of processes (html, java, plugins, etc) so that if something fucks up, your browsing experience doesn't slow down waiting on it, and if it still crashes, only that one tab will crash, not your whole browser application - plugins have their own process separate from the rendering process
** no allowance of communication with your hard drive, mouse movements or keystrokes unless you say so
** home page that displays thumbnails of like 9 of your most visited sites, a small list of most recent searches, etc
** continuously downloaded lists of harmful sites collected by google(including phishing and malware) will warn you if you go to one that matches up to the list

Anyway, that's my summary! ;)

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