Friday, July 31, 2009

Massacre in my Driveway

I'm am exhausted from shopping today with the kids. nap....drove to Jersey for a toddler bed off craigslist....then Target for extra shit that was cheaper than a grocery store and stuff for the beach. AND THEN......

When I got home I knocked the damn laundry detergent on the ground and it spilled all over the driveway. I scooped up as much as I could with my hands and put it back in the bottle. I don't care about dirt, I mean that shit gets washed away anyway. AND THEN.........

I took Al's shorts from when he got Pacific poison oak in California and sopped up what I didn't scoop up and I hand washed them twice in that manner. So I went to rinse off the driveway with the hose I noticed hooked up in the garage and there was fucking bubbles and suds everywhere! AND THEN.......

The hose leaked from the faucet and got all over Al's weight bench and the floor so I had to clean that shit up too. WTF. Stupid Purex.


  1. You should totally do a review and giveaway for Purex now. ;)

  2. Ohhhh that sounds worse than the time I was drunk and put in handwashing dish soap in the dishwasher and suds up the kitchen in my apartment in college. :(

  3. I used to do this with spilled dog food. Those damn dogs ate everything on the ground anyway, so what did it matter if there was a little driveway debris in their kibble?

    On the bright side, you could have eaten off the ground it was so clean.