Sunday, January 03, 2010

Blue Dye = Brilliant Green Poop

My son has been pooping a brilliant green key lime poopie paste lately and my only suspect has been the Froot Loops I've been feeding him thanks to Daddy bringing home what was on sale one day. Now he prefers them over all else even to the point of boycotting breakfast altogether. Grr...but that's another story entirely.

Well, it happened again today so I did a little Google research and found this shitty site that I've found once or twice before.

Imagine my knowing smirk when my suspicions were confirmed as the Poop Report explained "scientifically proven" assertions that FDA Blue #5 turns your poop bright green if enough quantity is consumed. Well, Froot Loops contains only Blue #1 and #2 but I'm willing to bet two blues make for green poo too.

It doesn't hurt my theory that my son likes to pick out and eat the blue ones either....

Unfortunately I know very well Froot Loops is not a smart choice for my young son, but after this box, I'll be switching back to multi grain Cheerios or Kix or something. If he doesn't eat it, he can just be hungry until lunchtime when he can either eat what I make or tantrum his way out of another meal. I figure he will eat if he truly gets hungry. That's enough (green) crap out of you, mister!

Oh yes, and if anyone who used to read my blog noticed I've been silent since October 09, hello again. I guess I finally have stuff to say now that I've weened myself off of facebook. :P

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