Thursday, April 09, 2009

I'll take a brick, if you don't mind...

What does a trillion dollars look like?

It looks like some ridiculous green thing that I'll never see in my lifetime.

It would be a massive building and I would totally love just a brick of it, kthx loaded people.

Check out that link above and see, but for you lazy uninterested people, here is some totally unrelated shit to see if you're paying attention:

Actually, what you see above is what I've found to be a Korean time-honored tradition among young boys, called dong chim. All a boy has to do is to put their open hands together in a diving position, sneak up behind a boy, then simply jab your little shark-fin up their butt.

I suppose the fun of it all is to see the reaction afterwards...otherwise why in the hell would they make a statue of it? lmao

And there you have it.

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