Friday, April 10, 2009

The Ludicrous Petshop & Friends

Last night I dreamt people dressed up as scary pink t-rexes were swinging psychotically on swings while I unsuccessfully tried to take a picture. Then I was all of a sudden in a cooking school and some dudes were trying to molest me and my husband came and tried to get the harassers away from me after I beat one up ( really I totally beat that fucker to smithereens and it was awesome) - I yelled to my husband, "PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE!!" and he finally punched one and I was happy about it.

I remember being in a high rise building and having to go down an elevator to get out of the place. Weird. Actually, I just remembered I've had high rise buildings with elevator sequences in my dreams before....only last time it was a fancy hotel with black and green marble floors and walls inside. Hmm. I wonder if I have some kind of phallic power trip in my subconscious. That would totally not surprise me at all. I have a thing for skyscrapers I guess. Suck on that one for a 45 minute session, Freud.

In other news, PETA asked the Pet Shop Boys to change their name....I don't know WTF for, but you know even though they probably knew damn well they wouldn't change their name, they just wanted the press coverage. Now I'm all about being humane to animals, but PETA people are just insane. Insane, like, worse the my crazy ass dreams, insane.

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