Thursday, February 08, 2007

Customer Service My Ass

Chat InformationPlease wait for a WestHost Representative to respond.
Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'KimW'
KimW: Hello! Thank you for contacting WestHost. Please allow me one moment to review your question.
KimW: Hi Teri, the domain name
KimW: is in redemption. The domain did expire on 12/4/2006. If you would like to get the name back it will cost $174.95. We did email you with this information on 1/25/2007.
Teri: WHAT?
Teri: No, the email I got said it is $15.00 for the year
KimW: Ticket #****** was sent on 1/25/2007 to **** letting you know of the status of your domain name.
Teri: Dear Teri, To renew the domain with WestHost is $14.95 for one year, $27.90 for two years, $39.75 for three years and $52.00 for four years. To renew the domain you can submit a payment at the below link. If you have any questions, please let me know. Best regards, Heidi Feser
Teri: I see at the other email address I provided - sorry hadn't checked that one. But now that I have....
Teri: $160 FEE??????? Are you kidding me? Because I was a month late I have to pay YOU, a third party, for MY domain name?
Teri: I would rather wait so I can pay the $4.99 for a year at a different Host.
KimW: The $160 fee is not a WestHost fee, that is what we are charged to get the name from Enom. They are the registar and took control of your name when it expired on 12/4/2006.
Teri: When is WestHost required to release the domain to the public?
Teri: ok fine - when is Enom required to release the name?
KimW: I have no idea.
KimW: It could be tomorrow, it could be six months from now.
Teri: That's not good enough. Doesn't anyone at an internet domain/webhosting company know anything about domains? Would Enom know? Do they have contact information? Your answer is rather vague.
Teri: Something helpful would be appreciated....some sort of step in the right direction, you know...something. This pay us all this money or "oops I don't know, guess you're lost in the dark without a flashlight" kind of stuff isn't great customer service....
KimW: I am sorry, for WestHost to retrieve the domain name for you we will need payment of $174.95.
KimW: We did email you at
KimW: six different times letting you know that the domain name was about to expire.
Teri: Yes, and I got letters about hosting from you too. I didn't want your service anymore. My agenda relied on other people as well. I just wanted to move the domain later to a different company. So I am late in moving it - I had no idea that the domain goes on lockdown and held ransom for exorbatant amounts in fees. For all I knew the worst that would happen is I would have to renew with WestHost for another year....HOWEVER - none of this or your past emails is really relavant, what I am asking is for some kind of information on when my domain will be released to the public and if you can't tell me, then at least tell me who can.
KimW: You are welcome to contact Enom,
Teri: Goodbye.

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