Friday, February 02, 2007

In a Man's World

My friend just did her own blog post about dealing with someone in a higher position at work and observing public was a nice blog with good ideas about being cordial or acknowledging simple triumphs.

She writes,:

thursday, february 1st, and tormented by unfulfillable fantasies of reaching across desks, grabbing necks by collars, and screaming things like, "i don't give a shit about your impressive title, act like a human being for once."

and with that, a word about dealing intimately with certain power-wielding, administrative-types:

you try your best to preserve your dignity; a rather precious thing that, by the very nature of your unequal relationship, may well just be unavoidably under assault. sometimes, for example, you will chant cool things to yourself about yourself, like: "no, seriously, i'm not spineless, i'm just really l-i-m-b-e-r"...

I have taken her rant on a different level, however.
I was relating to it on a more specific subject...that of women and men.
My response:

This is why I simply cannot work in a corporate environment.
I am a boat rocker.
I push buttons.
I test boundaries.
And I do not have whatever it is that allows you to let go of insults.
I could be passive-agressive in my reactions to "higher-ups" like my mother, but I find that behavior cowardly and incredibly annoying and not as satisfying as my mother finds it. I am the kind of person who wants that guy to know I'm not putting up with his bullshit. (Assuming it's a guy.)
Although you'd be surprised how many guys find that sort of defiance a turn-on, especially in the workplace! Sometimes that makes me feel better and sometimes it makes me irritated that instead of belittling my position and intelligence, I automatically become a sex-object. Sigh.

Oh well....guess that's why I got so good at sex. LOL

One difference between me and many feminists is that I don't think all women should be tough like Hillary Clinton, defensive like the average women's lib advocator or defiant and pushy like me. I believe that the girly girls of the world are a good thing - they provide sweetness and nurturing and a sense of tittilation. As a matter of fact, I think as great as the women's lib movement was for working women, it hurt us as a gender financially and as childbearers: it is so hard to be a mother for your children, our natural born task, because it is almost impossible these days to provide enough money for your family on a one person-income basis. Well, women of America, you can work now and make lots of is it worth it? Now can you afford to quit and stay home with the kids? You got what you want but it certainly cost us! What the hell is wrong with asking a man to open a jar of pickles or squash a bug for you? Now we actually have to work! Thanks a lot. Jerks.

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