Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm So Tired

I think Marilyn is teething.
She wakes up earlier than she used to.
She bites her fingers a lot.
She chews on everything.
She has a runny nose, but you know we just got back from a semi-fun weekend skiing up in the mountains with my husband's family. The skiing was really fun. I love being with my husband. But the in-laws, well, I love the brothers and sisters to death but damn are they a loud bunch. And most of them were sick - yay fun.
So now I'm not feeling perfect - got some drainage down the back of my sinus into my throat.
I think poor baby is getting sick and me not too far behind.
I just took some medicine for night time.
I don't have really horrible symptoms but if I could stop the running it will prevent a sore sinus.
Sigh. In-laws.

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