Friday, February 09, 2007

Running Into One Night Stand Rejects

Another character sketch.

Minnie walked over to the bar to order a drink. As soon as she'd ordered her Sapphire and tonic, she felt a firm tap on her shoulder.
"Well, hello there!" It was Roderick Thomas, an old office acquaintance.

, she thought to herself, an old flickering not-quite-what-you'd-call-a-flame, one night stand, mistake sort of thing.
Oh bother. She stifled a sigh. "Oh, hey there. Roderick! How have you been?" She glanced over at the woman next to him.

"Minnie, yeah, well you know, I'm good!" Roderick placed his hand on the back of the woman's waist, "This is my friend, Giselle."
Yeah right, "friend", he says. Ha!

The woman standing beside him was ridiculously skinny, ridiculously pale and ridiculously tall. She was also wearing ridiculously black clothes with a ridiculous feather hairpiece in her elaborate dark brown bun hair-style that resembled challah-bread more than anything else. Minnie shook her hand and was surprised to feel the warmth of a normal living, breathing human-being coming from her hand. She swore the ice crystals floating on top of her martini were growing rather than melting.

"Charmed, to be sure," Minnie half smiled.
"Hmm," Giselle curtsied.
What is this 1892? Minnie thought. "Well, it was nice seeing you Roderick," she slammed her hand on his shoulder. "I've got to go....someone waiting for me, you know. Bye!" Minnie slammed her drink and exited the bar for home. "So much for meeting new people tonight," she mused.

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