Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Memoirs of a Waitress - Chapter 1

So I was inspired by this Cat to write some memoirs of my old days as a waitress.
Boy do I have some stories. And since I haven't anything exciting to write about currently other than the election (yawn - let's just vote already), I will talk about my restaurant adventures instead.

My first actual waitressing job was at a place called Nuevo Leon in Dallas. It was a MexMex place - meaning they only served Mexican food from the two distinct regions of Mexico and not "Tex Mex" which was a more Americanized form of Mexican food. The two regions were basically dry and wet - in other words, the cuisine from the dry region consisted of beans, maize, rice, and other hearty ingredients available in dryer climates and the cuisine from the wet region consisted of vegetables, a larger variety of peppers, and other ingredients that were more available in a fertile landscape. It was all very interesting and all, but I was just a young white waitress in the land of many tequilas. I did okay there, but the reality of it all was that I was just trying to make a little cash and get in the pants of two of my hot latin co-workers.

One such person was a bus boy. He was a thick, stocky, strong young man with pretty light brown smallish eyes and a more modern version of a buzz cut. He had a strong square jaw line and a mouse-like look to him, even though he was so sturdy. He was nice, very down to earth, easy-going but was very calm and laid back. He was more intense when he focused on me, and was quiet in a powerful kind of way - one of those, you don't have to say much to command some very desirable presence in the room. He was not the most gorgeous guy I ever met, but there was something about him as they say. A mystery, a quiet intensity and confidence in his manhood that made him attractive to me anyway.

The other interest was one of the waiters. His position as waiter made him socially of a higher status than say, bus boy, and he was cocky and also exuded a kind of confident self worth that is in it's own right attractive to the female species. He was slender and a bit taller than the bus boy, more feminine facial structure with high cheek bones, dark eyes and very dark wavy hair which he kept slicked back. He even wore thin wire-framed glasses sometimes. He was a slippery snake that one, but oh he was still handsome. He was like a smooth-talking vampire with a very nice smile and beautiful, hypnotic serpentine eyes.

So which one did I end up with? (Because back in my younger days, I always ended up with someone as you will see in my future memoirs.)

They were both polar opposites. They both appealed to what I believe is my split personality syndrome. So I went after both of them. And I got both of them.
And what did I discover? The more humble bus boy and I had a very intense and passionate evening at his place once dark and rainy night. He played Depeche Mode's "Violator" for me on cassette tape and made much use of his twin day bed. And the floor. The next morning, he took pictures of me with my camera, standing outside in my sort of "goth" outfit - which was really just a short black crop tie shirt and some dorky black pants that I used to wait tables in. Nevertheless, it was a great time. What I can remember most was that his strong back ignited a very strong primal desire in me - I guess we still have our old cavemen intuitions for survival of the fittest. His earthy, well-endowed pleasuring device didn't hurt either. Mmm...memories.

I still have those pics actually.

Uh...yeah, so anyway....

Some time later, I did end up going home with the conceited waiter. I can't even remember how our evening went up until the point we were in his living room. We made out and all of that, but he was so overly excited and gung-ho to get to the good stuff that it was a disaster. He had to go get a condom of course, but his package was a disappointing length so even though he did manage to get it in for a minute, I imagine that I would have had a better time with a baby pacifier. Not only that but the guy took forever in the bathroom trying to get it back on after it was slipping off (don't know why he had to go in there to fiddle with it, but whatever). His whole demeanor was that of a kid trying to get all the candy out of the trick or treat bag before any other kids got it all, so that was a big turnoff too. Unfortunately for that guy, I said forget it and I left. Poor guy. I try to be gentle with men's egos in that respect, but seriously it was that bad.

So the winner goes to the humble bus boy and his glorious strong back and gentle nature. I believe the appropriate presidential quote for this story (it is election day after all) is "Walk softly and carry a big stick." (Teddy Roosevelt)

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  1. Oh man, your story is so much better than mine. Damn. Also, hot pictures! I have a thing for men who take photos. Grrrr!