Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks for Nothing!

Well Happy Thanksgiving, internet!

I had a wonderful day at the in-laws house, all 23 of us.
Lots of kids, lots of food, and of course, lots of pie.
I made a delicious cherry pie and a pumpkin pie.

There was of course fierce competition of baked goods between my brother-in-law's wife and I (I don't know if she knew about it or not, but I so wanted to be the better baker).

I told my husband before hand it was totally a competition and he said he "knew it" and that was why he'd said "I can't wait to eat your pie" LOL

[will post picture here later] cherry pie was demolished, although my daughter and I ate a quarter of it by ourselves. The sister-in-law made a pumpkin pie from scratch and I do mean cooking a squash and scraping it out, but seriously folks, it's not THAT much harder to make, it's just a matter of letting the oven bake one for an hour or so AND she put too much ginger. My husband tasted it and said it tasted like lemon rinds....either way, that means a bitter taste. (She wasn't in the room at the time). She also made a pumpkin roll with some kind of cream cheese I guess rolled up in it - it was alright, a bit too sweet for me though.

All I know is I like my baking better and I really did want to enjoy her desserts too, after all good competition makes one better, but alas, it was ok. Unfortunately everyone else there thought we were equally talented and complimented us both...I know that should be fine, but considering that I didn't like hers just means that the family is either too nice or lacks discriminating tastebuds.

Oh well.

By the way...that Dr. Pepper site was all fuckered up last Sunday and so I'm not sure I will be getting my free Pepper coupon. THANKS FOR NOTHING, DR!

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  1. I've always been fightened of pies.
    It's a long story abotu being terrified by a pie as a child.
    Nevertheless...Good luck with your baking.