Saturday, November 01, 2008

Phillies Parade vs. Halloween

I ended up putting my son(who is 9 months) in his sisters's old Lion costume, but he was super cute anyway.
My daughter just wore a green turtleneck shirt and some brown camo pants and I put some eyeliner dots on her cheeks and called her a turtle. She wouldn't let me put anything on her back, her head or any kind of skirt, so I gave up and just went with that. We were late for trick or treating so didn't get to do too much. I made the bad decision to take the kids downtown to meet my mom and sister so we could go from 30th street station all the way to the sports complex to watch the parade on a tv from the Lincoln Financial field box seats that my mom's boss had. I thought it was going to be fun but it turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. Packed tight on subway, took forever to get there, didn't even see the actual parade because we waited all day in a box seat (which was nice, I mean they had free hot dogs and pretzels, but still) and when they finally showed up at 3:00 pm, we were all tired and they only came in there and waved for about 10 minutes and went to the real show over at the ballpark (where I wish I was). Nobody wanted to stay and watch that on the tv so I was sore about that too. All that time and didn't even see the real show. Oh well. Then it was a nightmare trying to get back to the car at 30th street. The subway was so packed up there was a crowd of people waiting just to get inside and go down to the platform. So we took the shuttle to Market and 2nd and took the subway from there instead. Al was at work so he met us at the station so we could all just drive home from there. We didn't get there until after 5pm and we didn't get home until about 7pm. By then, trick or treating was half over and my sister was being a butt and wanted to go home immediately so Al took them to my mom's car and I tried to come up with something for them to wear. I don't know why I insisted they go, I mean we were all tired, and I had a headache. But I took some Advil and got them ready and when Al got back we all went trick or treating for a little bit. Poor kids didn't even have dinner. I gave them some banana before we went out at least. They konked out real fast.

Baby still got up a few times in the night. Sigh.

And that was my day yesterday.
Next time - no parade shenanigans. Stay home and make cupcakes instead.

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  1. Oh my god I'm exhausted just from reading that list of things you did Friday! Geeze