Thursday, November 13, 2008

Red, White & Chocolate

So last night I had my big mom's night out party at my house with the them of Wine & Chocolate tasting. Hence the Red & White Wine & Chocolate. (I thought it was clever because the chocolate could be white too)


So my husband is there too watching the kids.
Never again. The cackling of the moms kept the kids up. The baby finally passed out with me nursing him to sleep and I let the toddler go downstairs to the basement and watch movies until she finally passed out at midnight.

My husband was welcome to partake of the wine and chocolate.
I wasn't expecting him to sit down and join in deep conversations, however.
Unfortunately, one of the moms said something snotty to him and he took great offense to it (of course while I was in the bathroom and I didn't hear it) and so he keeps making ugly faces at me so I pull him aside and ask what the hell his problem is. Then he tells me he doesn't ever want to see her face again and that she isn't welcome in his house and that he hates her. I'm like WTF YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE EVEN BEEN IN THERE!!!! So now I'm stuck with being pissed that he has interfered with MOM'S night AND upset that I have to respect that someone just insulted my husband but keep it a secret since they were leaving soon anyway. Ugh. What a fucking disaster. I was buzzing but it wasn't the best night that I had hoped for. I have so much chocolate I don't know what to do with it all.

I gave some away today. I took a cake to my mother-in-law who was glad to see it and me along with my other brother and sister-in law. This is because they have been caring for the grandmother who needs assistance with things like getting dressed and going to the bathroom. It is a temporary situation, but nevertheless they looked pretty ragged when I walked in. Good thing chocolate is supposed to help with mood.

Alas, there were no pictures from last night.
I hate hosting parties when I have to worry about the kids.

I made a beautiful Strawberry Chocolate Gateau, but you know what?
It was a little on the dry side and I would rather go away to someone else's house next time.


  1. OMG I so wanna know what she said now! Sounds like a lot of fun, I love that kind of thing.

  2. She said "At least I didn't have a kid at 19," to my husband, who just told her he'd had a kid at 19 before she'd gone on a tirade about when her high school sweetheart cheated on her with her mom. He had asked her then if she'd planned on marrying him, and she said yes and then the "rude" comment above. (I already told him this story of hers before because she talked about it at a mom party 2 months ago). *Rolls eyes* I know it's a traumatic thing and all, but she didn't have to say that to him as if he had a kid at 19 on purpose. Anyway, he was pissed. He called her a "fat fucking bitch" and said he hated her guts while we were standing in my toddler's empty bedroom. Jeez!

  3. Well...I guess I'll have to side with the husband. But I have been known, in my time, to drop a few inappropriate bon mots at other people's expense in the homes of close friends and it has cost me plenty. love lost on that account.
    But still...I think you're right. It's always better to go to someone else's house. That way you can pee in all the plants and not have to worry about it.

  4. Damn straight. Nothing better than making a mess you don't have to clean up somewhere else.

  5. I know this is an old post, but I just stumbled upon it and felt the need to comment. Because, quite frankly it is ridiculous to assume that she would have said something like that completely unprovoked. You heard a one sided story. Of course he didn't tell you the nasty remark he made to her, that made her feel the need to reply in kind. Nevermind that your husband was chatting it up and drinking, at a MOMS night, while your child was down the basement.