Friday, November 07, 2008


Sorry about today (the 6th).
I played WoW all day after I got back from lunch with my dad and the kids at an Austrian restaurant.
I had Wiener Schnitzel. Awwww yeah.

Ham & Barley Soup is actually delicious.
Who knew?

I just saw my last blog and now I'm horny.
God damnit and it's almost 2am in the morning, everyone is asleep and I'm on the last day of my period.
WHAT EVER!!!!!!!

Good night.


  1. You poor thing, I feel for you. Mine still hasn't ended. I thought it had, then it staged a blitzkrieg on my ass.

  2. last day here too... tonight? i'm going to be NAKED.

  3. going to be? going to BED.

    though, i guess be would work too...