Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"YES WE CAN!!" That is, if you can hear the speech....

AIM conversation - names changed to protect identity lol

me: hi
friend: hey
me: yes we can!
friend: WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!
me: I'm so pissed though
friend: why?
me: Al has his friend here who voted McCain
friend: ew
friend: gross
friend: tell him its time to go home
me: and he's all drunk and TOTALLY RUINED me listening to the speech Obama gave
friend: see?
friend: immaturity
me: I'm still mad about it because I wanted to listen and be all emotional and feel the hope for our nation but NO
friend: im sorry
me: I have to hear nasty comments about a black guy being pres over a catholic guy like WTF who cares if someone is fucking Catholic
me: and he is STIL LHERE
me: I just did tell him to go home
friend: i watched his speech at the campaign office next door to where i live
me: I'm like - why the hell is he still pouring himself drinks
friend: tell him to go to war then
friend: haha
me: I asked him - is that another alcoholic bevereage?
me: and he's like hell yeah
friend: gross
me: and I'm like well, I want to go to bed
friend: sounds like a real winner
me: and he's like "so go to bed"
me: WTF!

me: it's my house!
friend: disrespectful
friend: kick his ass the fuck outta here
me: I said I also wanted to not have company anymore and have the house to myself - it's a work night, babies get up during the night and early in the morning
me: not to mention I wanted to enjoy the victory with Al and not be all weird and polite about it with a McCain supporter in my house
me: I'm so fucking mad
me: this is such an important night and my experience of it was ruined
me: and Al never kicks him out
friend: tomorrow is another day
me: Todd never fucking leaves - he stays and stays
friend: well make him kick him out
friend: oh its todd
friend: haha
friend: that real tall guy?
me: he's stayed over night sometimes and still stayed all day and until the next evening
me: yes
me: it's him
me: he does this
friend: ask him if he's ever felt that he's worn out his welcome
me: when Al said he was coming over with him after he voted I was not happy about it
me: I knew it was a bad idea
friend: ugh
friend: im sorry dude
friend: that blows
me: and it was
me: Al is gonna get it from me
me: he doesn't ever kick him out until it just gets really bad
me: so I did it today
me: he's still drinking up there but I had to leave the room
me: I try so hard to be a good host and not be a bitch but damn
me: sorry I'm ranting to you
friend: its ok
friend: its your house and you have babies
me: it's like having Rush Limbaugh talking during your wedding vows
friend: HAHAHA
friend: damn

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