Monday, December 01, 2008

Caving in to the Blogosphere

Ok so I joined some goofy December post every day for a month thing.

I don't know what I'll get out of it other than an excuse to keep up with my posts.
So here ya go, internets....a post from yours truly, the one and only, statikradio aka Teri. I know I know, I'm so awesome you can't help but read. That's why I only have 3 followers. Because I'm so awesome, nobody can find me.

Here is a picture of some shit.


  1. I joined the posting everyday for the month thing too. I'm adding you as a friend on there, and hopefully we can help each other stick with it. Good luck to us both! :)

  2. Hello my love. Are you fucking cracked? December? The month of Death and Destruction? That's the month you choose to post every day? Good luck me lady :) Sorry I am SO BEHIND on reading your blog. I was kidnapped by confederates and made to squeal like a pig. But I'm better now, and more prepared for anal sex. Ha! Can I say that on your blog? Shit there was something you emailed me that I was going to respond to...
    please hold...
    ...OH! Your old blog? I didn't ever read your archives because I'm a total bitch like that, but I LOVE the ultra secret blog almost as much as I love that crazy picture you posted up there. What is that?

  3. Anonymous12:50 AM

    I'm on the NaBloPoMo thing too. Your blog made me laugh - especially the "Here is a picture of some..." caption - awesomeness.

  4. Baby Jesus hates bloggers almost as much as the Grown Jesus hates bald pussy.
    December is all about Him.

  5. WHAT IS WRONG WITH POSTING IN DECEMBER???? You bitches just don't know! The SMART thing to do is to stay inside away from the death and destruction and do your shopping (and blogging) ONLINE or have already gotten a lot of it done already like me.

    And mullygrub, thanks for commenting, and I reread it again and that line made me snort out loud too lol

  6. Cat....What crazy picture?