Friday, January 30, 2009

20 Things I Could Look Forward Too

1. Travel: I love taking trips, and I would love to go someplace exotic: Thailand, some Caribbean island (aww man those Jamaican guys *drool*), Japan, Switerland, Brazil, England, Ireland, Galapagos....I want to go all over the place. That would most definitely be something to look forward to.

2. My dream home somewhere near mountains, with trees and fields and not too far of a drive to the beach. I can't be landlocked no matter how much I think places like South Dakota and Montana are freaking awesome. I am in love with the ocean.

3. A latte with a friend in NYC - I don't know which friend cuz I don't have many anymore, so anyone will do.

4. Getting to know new people on an intimate level. I absolutely adore establishing meaningful relationships and feeling like I can make someone happy in some way or another. I like to read people, discover, and give them something useful or meaningful so that I might enrich their lives somehow, whether it be through the arts or through words or in more extreme approaches, with a soft touch.

5. Having a traditional cup of tea in China.

6. Camping

7. Going to the beach - as many as I can!

8. Dancing the night away

9. Watching my kids grow

10. Going on dates that end in sex lol

11. Getting my hair cut and liking it

12. Getting a manicure/pedicure AND a massage all in one day

13. Going to school to be a pastry chef

14. Eating cornbread

15. Eating a delicious gourmet meal at a nice restaurant

16. Meeting Bono and saying something that interests him

17. Singing with Phil Collins

18. Writing a book

19. Meeting Megan in person and plotting our attack on the Irish Chef (lol)

20. Drinking a glass of my grandma's sun tea at her house in Texas and enjoying her company


  1. I can say I am feeling "enriched", in spades!

    Besides gumbo, I can make a good pot of tea, and some pretty tasty cornbread :)

    Intriguing list...

  2. let's start planning that attack.. ;)