Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, now today my toddler is the one puking all over the place: me, the floor, the couch, whatever. It started in the middle of the fucking night, so only 3 hours of sleep it seems like, and a few more times this morning. I had to put her to bed at noon because I couldn't let her have food or drink.

She's up now having some pedialyte in small doses and I'm hoping they stay down.
Her brother had the same shit a couple of days ago and it only lasted a night and a half day. I'm hoping it's over now. We shall see.

We were supposed to go out to have a lovely Outback dinner tonight, but I don't think taking her out of the house is an option tonight. It's so damn bitterly cold anyway.


We got pwned.


  1. Mine had it on Saturday thru Monday.. I had it Tuesday through Thursday.. So for 5 days it seemed like our house smelled like puke and poop.. Ewww... :):)