Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well, we ended up going out to eat at Outback anyway even though we knew damn well she would probably puke.

And she did. Once in the car on the way there - a bit of water.
Then we fed her mac & cheese because she'd been begging to eat all day and she was gonna puke anyway, so why not at least let her feel satisfied for a little while.
Anyway, she puked that up in the car on the way home. Now my coat sleeve smells like puke.

Yesterday morning, we went to an open house for a restaurant school that I'm interested in - without the kids. (Thank you grandma!) We had a lovely continental breakfast made my students, and a Caribbean cooking demo from one of the professors (lol he burned the cookies while he was talking - duh - yeah you're impressing me already), and a tour of the campus. All in all, it had great decor and atmosphere, but the feel I got was that they train you to do massive amounts of cooking/baking/etc but not a big emphasis on the artistry and design of cooking...but that was just because of that professor. I don't think I'm interested in being a line cook or a giant overturn kind of hotel pastry chef - HOWEVER, that kind of knowledge is also useful in business. But really, I'm looking into the pastry chef program because I love to make tasty treats and if I were to do anything it would be having my own line of treats or a cute little bake shop specializing in tasty and beautiful creations....maybe chocolates, tarts, pies, cookies, gourmet donuts or even wedding cakes for all I know. I'd like to dive into all these yummy desserts. Plus a trip to France is included in the curriculum! Hooray! French pastries ftw!

I wouldn't be able to go this year too young.
So we shall see.

It was fun anyway.


  1. Oh, my dear, so sorry about the womits. My Wee Lass has an erratic problem with that - see - so I am empathizing. Hope shee feels better soon.

    Your mention of cooking school makes me jealous. I would love to do that! I have been fascinated with food and cooking for years now, as all the books on my shelves will tell you. That sounds cool, and your long range plan of the treats/bake shop: DO IT. And let me know when its open, I'll be there.

    Thank you for the follow!

  2. I went to Europe to play soccer for a Summer. In gay Paris, I ate some of the most delicious pastries ever. Even better than my Great grandmother's Fried apple fritters.

    Also, I've found a bit of Vomit, strategically or haphazardly spewed on clothing, gives it a certain.....Panache.

  3. I’m tagging you to join in the Desk Tag fun! Check it out on my Blog.