Monday, January 26, 2009

Gone Fishing: Absolutely Shameless Show & Tell

I'm in the mood to force people to notice me, so here it goes....

1) I'm a damn good singer and I am so confident and proud of it that should be punished for not doing more with it.

So here are some older and not as awesome as I would like to showcase examples of said pipes:

"Box of Moonlight" - music & lyrics by Greg B. (guitar/drums) (2004)

"Lady Luck" - music by John K. (piano), lyrics by me, Teri M. (vocals - duh) (2004)

"Desert Star" - an idea that has yet to be transformed into a full length song, but I thought of the harmony and chord progression while showering one day.

This shower took place in the apartment of the one and only hilarious, yet still gangsta, T-bone in Dallas, TX when he so graciously let me live with him for several months as a good-for-nothin freeloader - hey, at least I cleaned the place. Anyway, all the voices and pops you hear are all me recorded in layers with a shitty Windows microphone recorder program using a ridiculous amount of reverb.

PLEASE listen to these and tell me what you think. These were never released as they were just something we tooled around with at Hank's (whom I call Frank for some reason - he's the bass player). If the mother fuckers from Wenis (our band name that I still hate but they won't change) ever get a hold of a program to edit some shit with, I'd have a copy of our better stuff - including the one and only song I wrote all by myself and finally got played and recorded. Sigh.

2) I'm lookin' pretty good these days for having two kids and turning 30 in July this year.

After perusing what's left of my archives, I'm actually kind of glad I'm doing this because it's kind of neat seeing the changes in appearance). Here's some of my most smokin' pictures from over the years to mark my age progression in a personal journey through the trials of female beauty:

Age: 16

Age: 17

Age: 18

Age: 19

Age: 20
(yes I was an anime toon for a while - trust me, it's weird being in 2D)

Age: 21

Age: 22
(That's T-Bone!)

Age: 23

Age: 24

Age: 25

Age: 26

Age: 27

Age: 28

Age: 29

Woo! Ok, putting up all those pictures wore me out.

On to number 3) I'm a good writer?
Well, I'd like to think so, but after all of that attention whore business I just spent two hours doing, I really don't feel much like writing anymore LOL

So just ogle and throw compliments at me already! That's all I really wanted from this post anyway. Hence the "Gone Fishing" sign on my title.
It's been a long time since I've been properly ogled what with all this mommy business, cooking, cleaning, and actually NEEDING coffee for the first time in my life. I've lost some weight and I actually feel like I could stop traffic again with the attitude I've gotten from it! So go ahead, readers! Shower me with adoration! MUAH! MUAH!

**Ham Lemonade**


  1. I could sing back in the day... WAY back in the day. Not so much anymore.. it makes me sad. *tear*

    and stop with the pictures already!! you trying to make us all jealous?? dang girl! no, really.. if I was that hot, I'd show off too. ;) You go, girl.

    But hey, at least I can still write, right? heh heh.

  2. Loved the photo slide of you, you are beautiful!

  3. Thanks guys are beautiful too! CPM, who said you weren't hot?? :P

    Actually, I was hoping for some more crits on the music and not so much the pics LOL oh well.

  4. lol.. well, no one said I *wasn't*.. after all, that would be rude. ;)

    And I totally commented before I was done listening, so I didn't critique that. Here goes..

    I think you have a *lovely* voice.. and I think you should be beaten with an ugly stick for not doing more with it (okay, okay.. I'm kidding.. still just a little jealous that you have some awesome genes.. I'll be nice..). I liked the first and third song.. the second was kind of, 'eh'.

  5. (shutting mouth again, jaw too slack)(wiping drool off keyboard)(again)

    ...uh, I was going to say something here...wasn't I...wait, I know! (eyes drfit to pics again), umm, dammit now I'm all flustered and stuff. Hold on (slapping self, sticking head in bucket of ice water)

    Woo! Okay, I'm back! (carefully not looking at pictures while typing). Yes, well, first off I apologize for not having seen this earlier, something is screwy with my reader and it isn't updating in a timely fashion. So I humbly present my posterior to you for administering of proper punishment!

    Eek. No, we may enjoy that a little too much. I'll settle for a verbal dressing down.

    Music: I have some thoughts, but want to gather them, I'll send them to you e-mail if you like. If you don't have them by end of the week, REMIND ME, as I am easily distracted by stuff.

    Pictures: (slackjawed) dear, you have nothing to worry about. Very nice slide show, and you, as the youts say, "got it goin' on!". Wow! :)

  6. *Wiggle Dance!*

    Yeah yeah, I want those critiques!

    And thank you CPM, I think the middle one is kind of "eh" too haha