Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holy Lemonade Stand Awards, Batman!


I just noticed I got some awards!
I never got one before!

Thanks Sheri!

I LOVE the lemonade one,

Do I really have to name 10 blogs to show my gratitude?
Meh...I'll name one for each award to show effort, but I'm a jerk sometimes so I won't be naming all required 10 - besides, I don't even read 10 blogs LOL

So here is my Cold Lemonade Award Show.......

And the Lemonade award goes to:

CAT and her Zipbag of Bones blog for showing that when life gives her lemons, she can fucking smash those bitches up and serve you up a grade A glass of lemonade. You rock.

And the Butterfly Award goes to:

CHURCHPUNKMOM and her Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction blog because she would totally appreciate the grammatical errors in this award and because I think she's a cool chick who aspires to be a writer like I do. Maybe we can motivate each other.

And the Beautiful Award goes to:

BAFFLEDSTEREO and her Baffled Stereo blog because although she may be physically beautiful (she couldn't possibly need to hear about it ever again, could she?) but she's insanely colorful on the inside and also has a cat named Toshi like the one at my mom's. You're nuts and you look and smell like cupcakes. <3

Alrighty well, kids have been sick, cleaned up baby projectile vomit a number of times this morning, and now things are settling down. Little Guy ate chicken soup and drank Pedialyte in the afternoon, took a nap, kept it down, woke up, ate kielbasa and cheesy new potatoes for dinner so I guess he's good to go. I'm avoiding milk for now and giving watered down Pedialyte just to make sure he's got his electrolytes. I hope they get better before the big 1 year birthday party the weekend after next!


  1. Congratulations on your awards! That's amazing, three at once. Huh, you're almost as cool as me. I got four at once. SUCKA!

    Sorry about the projectile vomit. I'd have to say you win the "bad day" contest. I can't do vomit. Without, you know, vomiting myself. You're a super hero.

  2. awe, thanks, hon!! and yeah.. that there is some good engrish.. heh.

  3. Well, well, well, I think I'll have a big glass of that tall drink in the picture there in the upper left...and the lemonade above it looks good too! ;) I hope your bad day is over, sick kids = major suck for all concerned.

    Hey, thanks for dropping some comment luv on me at Irish Gumbo. Applause is nice, I dig it!


  4. You are very welcome for the awards! You deserved them. :)