Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hot & Chocolaty

The world is a funny place sometimes.
Actually, what I really mean to say is sometimes the mind is a funny world.
All I can think about lately is something strong, hot, and chocolaty.
A well-aged concoction, melted and molded into a decadent sculpture, tied up in a rich package for me to open up and smell, taste, lick, suck on, bite into....devour.....licking my fingers ever so slowly, savoring, to the last drop until all of my senses are filled with chocolaty pleasures. A chocolate so potent and delicious that one bite could send me into convulsions of sheer forbidden arousal, forcing me to succumb to the next injection of bittersweet luxury. The raw intensity of it sending me reeling, forcing a twisted velvety moan to escape my lips and my eyes to roll back into my head. Erotic. Sensual. Satisfying. Give it to me now.

It's amazing what words come to mind when your mind is obsessively lost in one particular subject or another. Something so simple, something that only lasts for a few moments can suddenly turn into this massive tidal wave of desire - it's almost unimaginable how it happens. One minute you're watching a movie, the next minute a word, a picture, a smell or some other catalyst whisk you away to another place, with an idea, a thought you came up with out of the blue that makes your mind want to take over your body, compels it to react, compels you to decide that you are going to fill a whim, a want, a desire....

And now, to make myself some hot chocolate.


  1. HOT chocolate... mmmmmmmmmmm.... i think i might need some now too..

  2. I feel the same way about Pez.

  3. Dude, now I have to go jerk off with a Hershey bar. That's going to be messy.

  4. Ohh hot chocolate!

    P.S. - I tagged ya with an award. :)

  5. AAIIIIGGGGHHH! You did it again! I came over here looking for an e-mail address (I have a song I wanted to send you), and I saw THIS!

    I wonder what I am going to dream about tonight...mmm...chawklit...damnnnn