Thursday, January 01, 2009


I really wanted to think of a more original title, but I am all riled up at the moment, so I'll just say I had a freaking awesome new year's eve at home.

We ate like kings - Al made the most delicious pan-seared/broiled strip steaks with perfect lobster tails. We had 2 of his brothers over and we drank plenty of Hefe-Weissen and cracked a bottle of extra dry champagne. We smoked a non-cigarette, played Wii Fit, played old old stupid emulated video games like Home Alone on the computer and laughed our asses off. We woke up the kids several times haha.

We ended the long night with a movie: Ninja Scroll, and went to bed around 5:45am.

The kids were up at 8:30am. Thanks Al for letting me go back to sleep til 1pm. Now it's his turn though. Got one kid for a nap, the other is doing an impression of the Tazmanian Devil in her room. Was hoping she'd fall asleep too haha.



  1. That sounds like an awful lot of fun! We played Wii games, too. I guess that's the other option for NYE: either you go out and bar hop or you stay in and play Wii.

  2. Happy New Year to you too! Glad to see you had a great new year's eve!