Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bittersweets & Brownies

I went ahead and made those brownies from scratch a la Doll Face Daily, only I didn't have light brown sugar so I used dark brown sugar which I did have. Unfortunately it was all hard as a rock and clumpy, so I spend about 20 minutes with my clean hand in the batter, manually squishing up each sugar rock so it could be mixable.
I have never been so intimate with a batter. o.O

I didn't stop there with the change ups either....instead of dark chocolate chips I used Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips, which is more my style anyway.

Well, they turned out pretty good. As far as scratch brownies vs. box brownies, I think this recipe indeed gives Duncan Pilsbury Crocker a run for their money. And I didn't even have to run out and get anything to do it! I had all the ingredients in my pantry already which is amazing to me. I'm usually missing one or two things. Granted I didn't actually have light brown sugar, but I figured since I'm using milk chocolate, I could make up for the missing "dark" using the brown sugar haha.

I licked the batter from the bowl and the beaters. Yum.
AND I even had a piece when they were ready.
So if I can not be totally sick of it by the time I slime my gluttonous face with batter to eat the finished product, I know it's good. Rock on! And thanks Doll Face.
You made my VD nice and sweet and chocolaty. *thumbs up*

That recipe is going in my "Yummy Recipes" book.
If you read my blog, please leave a comment and tell me what name I should give them.
Doll Face Brownies? Or perhaps the name of whoever came up with the recipe.

Oh yes and let's not forget the Bittersweets.
Tonight I will be attending a little Anti-Valentine's get together at a friend's house. I purchased some Bittersweets from a website and will be bringing the "Dumped" version.
My favorite one reads, "CELEB8 THX2U". *chuckle*


  1. I say, "Fuckin A Brownies."

  2. Excellent idea. Fuckin' A!

  3. So much fun to lick the beaters...tasty. :)

  4. I made brownies yesterday.. mint brownies. mmm..

    I licked the spatula.. tasty, but not as much of a work out for the tongue as licking beaters. ;)

  5. CPM: I cheat, I use my fingers to get the hard to reach stuff.

  6. I hate a woman who uses her fingers. I say, let the tongue do the Real Work.

  7. Go drink your haterade somewhere else then! I use any tool necessary to get the job done!

  8. Now I want a brownie, you bitch!

  9. Give me your address, and I'll show you some chocolate, bitch!

  10. Just send all correspondence to Cat c/o Hell. The postman knows where I am.