Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Love Comes Tumbling

Statik had been dreaming. She suddenly heard the wind again, the honest truth of reality crackling in her ears, not the muffled softness of the muted dream world she had been in. She dared not open her eyes just yet as she felt the breath of another softly on her shoulder. Adrenaline consumed her, flowing rampant from the back of her neck, between her shoulder blades, around to her chest and beating heart. Her heart...beating louder and louder in her ears. She did not yet open her eyes in order to hide her new found consciousness from the Other, but she feared her flesh would betray her uncontrollable heartbeat.

His scent was metallic and earthy. She could bear it no longer and opened her eyes. The wind blew again titillating her droplet-covered skin and she saw the night and the landscape. She breathed in deeply and turned her head to face him.

Eyes. Black eyes. His eyes held a faint golden glow, like those of a cat's. His dark hair was long and matted, his clothes torn and tattered. Bloody and dirty, it must have been a difficult journey. She marveled at his muscular physique, rugged and rusty with the rosy blush of one whose blood pumped at full power. He tilted his head to one side, his angular jaw and rounded chin prominent in the shadows of the flickering firelight. His black eyes pierced her to the core; she imagined them as the dark water she'd been enveloped in before. He did not say a word. She wondered how long he had been sitting beside her.

"You found your way," she said finally, sitting up.
The Other stared at her solemnly for a moment and said, "It became clear that all roads would have lead to where you are."
Statik mused, "I can't imagine that I am that important."
"I can't imagine why you are here then," he toyed, a black tendril of hair falling in his eyes. "Perhaps I am not so important either."
"That's not what I meant...."
"I know. I am only saying you don't have to be coy."
Statik gave her look of slight frustration, "I wasn't being coy. Just....humble."
The Other leaned in towards her, putting his hand behind her on the rock, smelling her, "I can tell that you are anything but humble and no other could I imagine sitting out here in the Desert alone like this. I have come at your beckoning." He bowed his head, more hair falling, draping over his eyes.
Statik looked up at him. The dirt on his face could not conceal the beauty of his porcelain skin; if anything they only highlighted the intense contrast of his dark hair and brooding eyes.

His head still lowered, her gaze fell upon his darkened lips, relaxed and tempting. She reached out and slid her palm against the smooth curve of his jaw and lifted his face to hers. His eyes were sad yet dangerous, beautiful yet cunning. She traced the outline of his face with her fingertips, gently, from his forehead to his ear, then slid her fingers through his tousled sable hair.

Filled with longing, he sprung to life and eagerly returned the gesture with both hands, palms gliding around her waist and neck, pulling her to him. Statik parted her lips and felt his upon her, the hot metallic moisture of his tongue against hers, shooting flames throughout her body until she was on fire. She moaned. His hands searched her everywhere, roaming endlessly; her body arching into him, burning him.

The muscular Other stood up with her clinging to him. She could not let go of his wild black hair as she tasted him again and again, wrapping her hunter's legs around him, tightening and sliding them down his body. As they neared the dark water, the wind protested but remained ignored. Statik looked behind her briefly, threw back her arms and her head and fell into the water, sinking slowly, beckoning him to follow. He grinned and did not look away from her, did not look out into the Desert, did not care where he was going. He reached out to her and dove in.

The lovers reunited, limbs entwined, tangled up in each other like branches competing for the light. Their lips locked again, tongues touching and releasing. She sucked his bottom lip, drawing it in; he bit into hers gently, tasting a hint of blood; his manhood swelled against her. She reached down to feel it in her hand, brushing against it, holding it, squeezing it, releasing it only to guide it into her.

They surfaced for air. She held on tightly as he grabbed her hips, her bottom, penetrating her forcefully. She writhed in overwhelming sweet release as he dipped in and out, wincing, taking his time and driving the moments onward. He slowed his pace as not to end it too soon, but after a time she urged him on....faster, deeper, it just isn't close enough even though you are inside me, it still just isn't close enough. She dug her nails into his shoulder blades, the muscles underneath moving, working, holding her up. He stiffened and quickened his pace, unable to resist her urging. His breathing turned to panting and he growled into the air as he began to climax. Statik could feel the swelling in her, skyrocketing her into her own simultaneous contractions.

He leaned her back over the rocks, smoothing his hand over her breast, squeezing, admiring. Again they kissed, her pouty lips blood red from the moments before. Eyes closed, cheeks flushed, she sighed through her nose with a satisfied smile. The Other collapsed next to her, weary from his new found freedom.


Ok well, holy shit! I don't think I can write any more. lol
The ball is now in ol' Irish's court now, but I believe this will be my last post in the Jaguar story. It was an interesting collaboration to be sure! (Ok, I know this kind of seems like a Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am kind of thing considering the content of this post lmao, but I am ready to go back to my own world without the responsibilities of another person's character.) I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Muah!

In case you were wondering, I was listening to Love Comes Tumbling by U2 when I wrote this.


  1. ...Huntress...You honor me...and I kneel before you.

    Freedom: Once tasted, never forgotten.

  2. Very nicely written, m'dear! Bravo. :)

  3. Woah! I'm still breathing heavily. That was stunning.

  4. Thank you! Thank you!

    IG: You're most welcome! I think you needed that lol