Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sixteen Candle Interview - from Rooked

My yes-indeedy-let's-be-seedy blogger friend over at Rooked was nice enough to give me an interview. I was wondering what kind of provocative questions he might ask me and now I'm delighted to share them (at this current moment I haven't read all of them yet though lol) with my answers. No rules, just write.
Here we go!

1. Is there one watershed moment that you feel has transformed your life? If yes…well…what was it and how did it change you?

So many interesting things have happened to me and I've been to so many interesting places that this is actually a tough question to answer. These things have always crept up on me or perhaps I was just so open minded, soaking in everything I could like a sponge that I can't recall a pivotal moment that changed my life. There have been bad things and good things. None really seem to have totally changed my life. I was confronted by a man with a knife when I was 9, but I got away...luckily he told me to follow him around the corner and not make me go first. It was broad daylight at an elementary school in mid-summer right across the street from my house. I suppose later in life I realized that night time was nothing to be afraid of because day time was not necessarily a walk in the park anyway. I am equal opportunity time of day for good and evil. I have been watchful and street smart ever since, but I've never had a problem going anywhere alone. So I suppose I'm glad I didn't get a complex or something.

I think a trip to NYC for new years 1998/1999 was a turning point for me. I couldn't afford to go from TX to NYC - you see, when you don't live near the east coast, NYC is actually a big deal. So when my friend told me she had some guy, an acid dealer who looked more like a computer parts dealer, who wanted some company to NY and would fly us free and put us up in a hotel, I was all about it! We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel with a room overlooking Times Square...and then to the Flathotel for a couple of days. I met a guy at a goth club there that totally took me on a wild whirlwind love affair. Wow was he hot and wild and dreamy. But he was kind of a nutty Jersey boy too. (People who say things like "I should have got you pregnant so you'd stay with me are nutty). My friend brought a guy friend of hers along too. Back in TX, I eventually ended up dating him later (he was closer and nicer and had his shit together) and lived with for 3 years. There was some confusion on my part at the beginning of all of this mind you. I liked them both for a while and couldn't decide what to do. But I ended up with my local southern man. I thought I was going to marry him. He never asked me though. And I was young and stupid anyway. After I moved to PA, he found someone new and married her right after he asked me to move to TN with him. I haven't heard from him since. The funniest part is I have Mr. Whirlwind as a friend on myspace now. I'm constantly passing ships in the night. Now that I live in the Philly area and have been to NYC a few times for various reasons, it's not as magical I guess. I totally love those fresh candy peanuts you get from the street carts though. Nothing like it in the world.

2. Given the current political and socioeconomic climate in Mr. Obama’s America, what are you more frightened of, the Zombie Apocalypse or Werewolves?

Neither. I still maintain that zombis are only made in Haiti and werewolves either don't exist or wouldn't care for what I have in my pantry anyway, so I'm not worried. Unless of course you mean those Furry people. In that case, I suppose I'd have to go with Werewolf Furries because under Obama, they will feel like they can come out more often and try to steal the Turf from my Surf & Turf dinners that I like so much.

3. Do you believe that Bigfoot exists? And Why?

No. I'm tired of hearing about him honestly. I figured if he was real, he would be pissed about Harry and the Hendersons and kill somebody. If God and the Santa don't exist then neither does Bigfoot.

4. At what age did you experience Menarche?

Why would anyone really want to know that? That's like something an OB/GYN would ask or unsolicited information one female tells another when talking about puberty. Rooked isn't an OB/GYN, is he? God I hope not. I was 13.

5. If you could get away with murder, would you do it? (Feel free to elaborate.)

No, I am not a bloodthirsty savage. I wasn't raised by werewolves. I may be a little on the sadistic side, but I don't think I could actually want to kill someone even if it was a freebie. I am exceedingly empathetic yet I must say sometimes it can be an annoying trait. I did a Lakota coming of age ceremony called Buffalo Shield when I was 14 with a Native American girl friend of mine. At one point of our ancient traditional proceedings we had to spend the night outdoors in a circle of tobacco and not kill a living creature - even if it was a mosquito. So I curled up into my giant blanket, covering as much of my skin as possible just in case. I learned a lot about myself, nature and the world during that week.

Sorry if I disappointed! I do love to read and write about murder though. Murder mysteries & suspense FTW! Explain that!

6. One word question: Anal?


7. Why did you start blogging in the first place?

I started one in 2002, My Two Cents, which is now lost for the moment since I had it stored on a private domain. It is now either lost forever or sitting in an archive on my hard drive. I'll have to check some time. Basically it was like a journal, a diary, somewhere to stick all my random thoughts, ideas and funny internet things that I thought I might like to see again. It was also interesting to look back and see what I was doing in the past. Maybe learn something from it. There weren't comments or anything enabled back then and so I wasn't worried about how many people read or if anyone read at all. I did write as if I had an audience, but it wasn't really about attention as far as I can remember. Now may be a little different simply because I've started getting into the comment thing. Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

8. Do you really feel you have anything of value to say in your writing?

Some days I do. Some days I do not. Most days I do not. But this has been the case with writing songs, stories, and any other writing art form I've done. I can't figure out what it is I would want to say to Everyone. But at the same time, it would be nice to know that they were wondering what's this Teri girl about?

When I am feeling as if my words are useful or important, it is because I've discovered something for myself that I believe could be applied elsewhere. I use analogies constantly. These really seem to help people with problem solving. They can also be amusing. Humor and learning are good bedfellows.

I don't generally feel like I'm a bringer of news. I'm not timely enough for a job like that. So what I bring to the table are tales of the heart, analyzing the psyche, and lots and lots of sex-talk. It's a shame intimate details of sex are so socially taboo, because I'm really good at it. It's not like you can just walk around talking about it because then you're just a slut or something. But I know damn well even the prudest of the prude don't have their kids delivered by the stork. Everyone poops and everyone has sex. Get over it already, people.

I think when I'm old I'm going to be like Dr. Ruth or something....only I won't give out medical advice like "sure condomless anal sex is won't get AIDS that way." LOL

9. Do you feel your life experience can actually help anyone else?

I think we are all connected and can learn from each other....and some people, not from a blog per se, have told me that hearing some of my stories has helped them. In some cases in real life and on the internet, I have been blessed enough to have inspired others to create works of art....and that means more to me than most things. If I could choose to be a mythological creature, it would be a Muse.

10. Have you ever engaged in multiple partner sexual activity? If so…are there films/pictures, why did you do it and were motorcycles involved?

LOL! No motorcycles. No films. No pictures of anything totally shocking. Maybe a shot of me in a bikini and socks, but that was preliminary stuff anyway.

But yes. Multiples. Ahhh.

I've been part of a FFM scenario, but I didn't want the female near my girly bits. I just don't dig chicks that way. So when it came time for her to get hers, I just watched.

Now I am proud to say I managed to get two totally heterosexual, good-looking males to engage in a MFM scenario. Now THAT was a life changing experience! To this day I still fantasize about being a Chinese Finger Cuff. Delicious.

11. What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen (excluding your progeny)?

Just for the record, I had to look up THREE words from your questions in the dictionary. I am both embarrassed AND impressed by your vocabulary. Big vocab is the verbal equivalent of a big penis to me.

Oh yeah, what was the question? Most beautiful thing I've seen besides my kids....

I would have to say Lake Tahoe. There are plenty of beautiful images from space, women, paintings, animals and landscapes that I have been struck by....but I will never forget Lake Tahoe at sunset. Standing on the edge of a frozen, snow-covered sand bank, the water was a lovely blend of violet, lavender, royal blue and periwinkle. The gray, snow-capped mountains in the distance reflected in the water, while the sky blushed a rosy pink, coral and orange. A couple of ducks were waddling nearby as my feet crunched in the resident snow. It was so quiet and peaceful. I was so happy there.

12. If you die and get to meet God, what one question will you most want to ask Him?

What's for dinner and what do we do next?

13. Have you ever contemplated suicide? If yes…what stayed your hand?

I thought about how pathetic it would be if I were to be gone and nobody would miss me. But I know better. I suppose considering some of my family members have considered it before, I am lucky that I have never truly felt like I wanted to or would do it for any reason.

14. Would you rather take Important Advice and Guidance from a Ouija Board or a Magic 8 Ball?

A Magic 8 Ball. At least that is guided by probability, a mathematical guess. You'd have similar odds just guessing for yourself so that works for me. Ouija, man, who knows who the fuck is trying to give you advice? Jack the Ripper? Mae West? Hitler's girlfriend? (by the way, I played once and supposedly talked to Eva Brown. I didn't know who she was at the time).

15. Do you believe in Ghosts? (Loaded Time-Bomb) And why?

I do but I don't know why I do. My mother claims to have had a few experiences with them in her youth. Her stories are pretty cool. She heard sweeping coming from the kitchen at night when she lived with her mother and had to stay on the couch one night. She kept going in there to look but nothing was there. Eventually she yelled "SHUTUP!" and it stopped. The previous owner was an elderly lady who lived alone.

She also claims to have seen a black silhouette walking around the roof of the house across the way one early morning. It turned it's head toward her but still had no features...after it clearly noticed her watching, it jumped off the roof with no sound, disappeared and the guard dog did not notice anything.

I have not experienced anything supernatural.
So I can sort of see how it's possible and have explored many different explanations for it all, but I really am kind of neutral on the subject.

16. If you only had twelve hours left to live…how would you spend it?
I would jump out of an airplane. Eat delicious meals. I would tell my husband and kids I love them. Hug all the family members I could get to and talk to the rest on the phone. I would have sex. I would drive to the ocean and look at it again. I would listen to the waves and breathe in the air. I would kiss. I would make a joke about the life span of Mayflies. I would go skinny dipping in broad daylight. I would finally rent a penthouse suite in a nice hotel. And I would die snuggling.

It's a shame it would be only 12 hours. There are so many places I've always wanted to travel.



Thank you, Rookie.
I enjoyed answering them almost as much as I enjoyed having you ask me questions.
You're a doll - now I suppose I owe you a picture for your "collection"?
(No, it's not gonna be a nudie!)


  1. Those blogger related questions got me thinking :)

  2. Well...that was something. Maybe I should think of getting my own talk show.
    Or maybe not.
    Still, good answers and just what I was hoping for.
    I'll be waiting for that picture.

    Right On.

  3. Really decent question/answer.. :)
    Good job to you both!!