Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Littlest Snowman

You know, yesterday afternoon, I took the itty bitty kiddies outside in the front yard to make a quick snowman. I did all of the work of course, and loved every moment. My adorable little Whinocerous girl picked up snow and ate it, exclaiming, "Mmm! Delicious Snowman!"

Little Guy just tryed to crawl toward the steps to the sidewalk, up the stairs to the front door or get caught in the rosebush. He is all about living on the edge. Snow and twigs? BOOORING.

I didn't get a chance to take a picture yesterday but I took one today after it had melted a bit, so the mouth is a little wonky.

It's a cute little thing.
It takes care of the mailbox so I'm sure the mailman saw it too.
While thinking of a title to this post, a giant frozen tidal wave of nostalgia bashed me in the face and I remembered a book that I used to have my mom read to me over and over and over.

The Littlest Snowman

He was super cute and he came to life much like frosty only it wasn't because of a hat. And they made snow-friends and had a snowman and snowgirl party and they ate tons of ice cream. They even got him to sit on top of the town Christmas tree. But the temperature rose and they all melted into horrendous piles of ice cream and snow puddles. It was so sad. The snowy carnage. The poor Littlest Snowman was all alone and he melted the slowest, most agonizing torturous death. The townspeople were sad.

But have no fear! The children brought him back to life with TONS AND TONS OF ICE CREAM! (I don't know who paid for it all, but the townspeople went to serious work with the stuff) and he came back and they had some Christmas tree celebration and I can't remember all the details now but I believe after they all had fun and got what they wanted out of the little frozen fucker, there was an explosion of ice cream everywhere and all the snow was multicolored and delicious and the children of the town all ate the snow and had a good time digesting their magical friend.

I guess I'll have to get it for my daughter and read it again.
I am clearly not telling this story right. HAHA!
All I know is I loved the artwork, the cute snowman and all the snowgirls eating those cute little snow cones and ice cream.

This morning I was super tired.
Little Guy is regressing more and more and woke up 3 times for a bottle and a change of diaper in the night. UGH. Two times a night was bad enough. I don't know why he slept through the night for a week during the holidays. I thought it was just because he was sick and coughing that he was waking up but he's getting better and I know it has nothing to do with a cough. He just wants his damn bottle. I can't let him cry it out because he shares a room with his sister and she wakes up. Sigh. Spoiled brat!

But he is the supercutest. (Lucky him!) One of the happiest babies I've ever seen. At least during the day lol. Tonight before bed, he was trying to blow on my tummy like I do to him. He would lift up my shirt and put his slobbery mouth on my tummy and om nom tickled and made me laugh.

I <3 my Little Guy.

I <3 my little Banshee too.


  1. What an adorable photo!!!
    You're gonna have your hands full with that little guy!!! Methinks he is on the path to being the littlest charmer.. Even in the deepest of doodoo, he's gonna flash that smile and make people just wanna forgive him.. :):):)

  2. Jeez, now I'm all warm and fuzzy and stuff. Cute pic!

  3. Hope your Whinocerous girl didn't eat yellow snow ;) I love the snowman you've created

  4. That little boy of yours is an absolute doll! And the snowman's scarf...simply inspired!

    We have a similar living situation, where our two kids share a room. I feel your pain when you wrote about not being able to let them cry for fear that one might wake up the other at night. Sometimes, I swear that I dream of getting a good night's sleep...that is how desperate I am.

    Keep faith alive, though. I hear that by the time they are five, it is smooth sailing! :)


  5. FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That's 4 more years!!!!


    It's not fair. My little Whino slept through the night at 3 months. I guess I was spoiled....because my Little Guy just won't. Blargh.