Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Got in Trouble at the Kiddy Museum

Yesterday I took my kids with a friend and her kids to the Please Touch Museum.
They have all kinds of neat pretend activities and exibits they can touch and play with. But I got carried away with the "do what you want" aspect.

ter1byte: I got in trouble at the Please Touch Museum
ajnkjsmom: no
ter1byte: while in the kitchen play room, we were sitting at a dining room table and kids were serving us meals and baking bread and whatever
ter1byte: Marilyn dropped something off the table and I started to tell her to be careful and not to make a mess
ter1byte: then I was like, wait we are at the Please Touch Museum, it's play food, they can do what they like here
ter1byte: so I said "let's be free! just make a mess, I'm too anal about it at home"
ter1byte: so in my liberation I started flinging things off the table on to the floor
ajnkjsmom: LOL
ter1byte: an attendant came over and told me they don't want things on the floor for safety reasons and that they try to teach kids to do things on their own the right way and to put things back etc....I was being a bad example.
ter1byte: I felt like shit.
ter1byte: So much for liberation of being a mess nazi.

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  1. You should have touched the attendant and exclaimed how life-like he/she was.