Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Day'll Do Ya

Oh what a fun trip.
We didn't win big money at the casino or anything, but as far as the gambling goes, we broke even. Even on the way out I turned $10 on the roulette table into $80, so that pretty much took care of the $60 breakfast we had lol.

It was a great time.
Hotel room $39 bucks.
Sex priceless of course.
Hot tub 6 floors down (although it was the family fun center and not the beautiful pool where there were kids in there) - we didn't have much time before the main adult pool closed (have to remember not to go on a Sunday next time DOH) for it to be worth it so we went to the one that was in our tower and stayed open an hour longer. It was fine though. We weren't all about swimming anyway. Back to the room, took a shower.

A little slot machine action (which I disapprove of because to me they are just money sucking vampires with no real payout).

We had a divine meal at McCormick & Shmick's Seafood restaurant and I had the twin rock lobster tails while he had the surf & turf (tail & filet mignon). Absolutely wonderful. I love going out to eat and it was right outside of our elevator!

Then off to the roulette table! I had never played that one before, I was into Craps for some reason, but we learned and now it's my favorite. More chances to win, more ways to spread your money around which makes it more fun to me.
We lost and won and lost and won and pretty much broke even. We did try some Blackjack even though we were intimidated, and we won 2 times in a row. Then I said, "Okay, that's enough." Something about that game makes me nervous. I loved it as a child and still like it, just not playing for money. It's so easy to lose lose lose! But we won twice and I was happy and decided I couldn't handle the anxiety lol. So we went back to the roulette.

We were kind of annoyed that there hadn't been a waitress to our area in 2 hours and we were not happy to be getting sober, so we went to the slot machines to see if we could get a drink. We waited and waited not wanting to put more money in the machines and then a waiter came out and we asked if he could serve us. He said he would love to but he could only serve in his area....You see his area was dead and he wanted to make some tips of course. So I asked him where his area was. He told me and I said, "We'll go to your section if you just please get us drunk." He said he would love to. I laughed.

I turned to my husband, "Let's go!"
He was like "what?" and I said "Get up! Follow that waiter!"
So we sat down at some nickel slots and stuck our cards in and played about $5 each. He kept coming back and forth with our drinks and we had nice conversation with him. He was a friendly dude, not like the zombies we saw earlier - especially the ones at the Trump Taj Mahal. (we had stopped there on the way to our casino hotel for some stupid reason and ended up having a ridiculously expensive lunch with crappy service and zombified servers then didn't even gamble because lines for shit were overflowing with really slow old people and their paraphernalia - wheelchairs, walkers, giant rolling suitcases, whatever). We didn't even gamble there because it was one deterrent after another....even the money wheel wasn't open which was all I wanted to do anyway so we left to go where we should have gone in the first place.

So our waiter dude was really cool, he was Greek and a few years younger than us, and I even admitted to my husband later that I thought he was pretty cute. He didn't want to hear that of course, but at least I'm honest I said haha.

Anyway, so we got toasty and I decided we should go back to the room and not spend any more money. It was 1am after all lol. We were so tired we didn't even get to do some more romping like planned and passed right out.

We woke up at 10am. I dreamed some really weird shit.
I know I woke up in the night with a bad dream about the kids.
But before I woke up for good I remember dreaming something about taking over some choir as the conductor and had them singing some crazy version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I think I even dreamt about some of my exes that I sometimes do in a "I still want to be with you" kind of way, but this time was really cool because it was more of a "here you are but you know what, I don't think I want to be with you anymore" kind of way....which was nice because I was feeling justified being in the present and not wishing for some pipedream kind of past. Ahhh how refreshing. To actually be content with where you are in life. Plus or minus a few minor things, but that's human nature.

We thought about what we wanted to do.
Husband wanted to go work out, I wanted to see the big beautiful adult pool and hot tubs, and of course there was the matter of breakfast. I wanted a diner because I have a soft spot for diner food breakfasts, but we didn't want to leave the casino resort to do it, so that was out. All I know is I wanted some pancakes. There was also the matter of fulfilling part 2 of my Christmas present - a green tea foot and hand scrub - to be applied to my feet and hands by my husband.

Plan of action for day of departure.
We got dressed to go work out. Well it required a $10 fee so we said screw it, it was only for 30 min anyway. We walked around the pool and saw a sea of old fat walrus type people and decided this wasn't a good idea either. So we went across the way to the giant cafe which was decorated very modern and cozy. We had a delicious breakfast. I got my blueberry pancakes and sausage links. Coffee. Orange Juice. Husband had a ham & cheese omelette, which much to his dismay, contained Whiz, not real cheese. I said even shitty dive diners put real cheese on their omelettes. LOL
Cheap bastards. And yes....it came out to $60 after tip. Rip off casinos, I swear haha.

We went back to our room to finish up the plan, hot bath drawn for me, feet callouses scrubbed with a Dead Sea salt and oil scrub which was heavenly, then my hands, then rinsed off in the shower. We got all clean and dressed and gathered our stuff to gtfo of there. We felt so rejuvenated and we marveled at how much one day could do for you.

I cashed in a voucher for $19 from the slot machines the night before (if I ever win anything over what I put in a machine, I cash out lol). I put $10 on our favorite roulette table. So did my husband. I win $35! He loses. I put down $10 more. I lose. I wait a few turns because I'm nervous that I will lose all my money which would suck. My husband tells me to play or he's gonna play. So I go and I win again. $35! I play one more time and I bet on the 00. 0 hits! I was pissed! I knew I should have put something on both of those green fuckers. Oh well. I decide that $80 is good enough because I'm afraid of losing all that too. At least it paid for breakfast. Next time I say we will know better how to play our money. Roulette! All in all it was a good time. For pretty much breaking even, we did good - got 6 hours of play last night, lots of drinks, and only spent about $200 for room and meals. A fabulous getaway.


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  1. I am so jealous. It sounds like you had a great time! Thank you for sharing. Roulette is My game too. I play all night.